Flyer Pay Off / 03

Flyer Pay Off / 03

Flyer Pay Off

Reel Dia. : 630 - 1000 - 1250

Application :

. Insulation and Sheating Lines

The Most Appropriate Solutions To The Cable Production Lines; Aymak Cable Machines...

In our production programme; we present our customers a wide range of product portfolio, from 20mm up to 150mm Extrusion Lines, from 1+6+12+18+24/315mm up to 630mm Rigid Strander Lines, from 315mm up to 1600mm Bunching Twister Lines, from ø1000mm up to ø2500mm Drum Twister Lines, from ø400mm up to ø1250mm Planetary Strander Lines, Coiling Lines, Rewinding Lines and the whole equipment needed in the production of cable.

Your best partner in cable production for effective solutions. Would be pleased to help you on choosing your production line.

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